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Apologies and come Follow Me …again!

My enormous apologies for another Chez Foti post when I’m no longer officially blogging from here. As I’m sure you’ll all know I’m now posting from my brand new Eat Your Veg site.

BUT the reason I’m writing to you today is to explain that although a number of you have tried to sign up to follow Eat Your Veg by email, newsletter, feedburner or Bloglovin since September, I’ve lost you ALL!. Unfortunately due to a number of technical issues and glitches all information has been lost in the process.

So most embarrassingly I’m here to ask if you could very kindly re-follow me again (details below). And my sincere apologies for the inconvenience.  Just incase you haven’t bobbed by Eat Your Veg lately, there’s a whole host of new family friendly recipes, competitions, giveaways and blogging events!.

So here’s how to follow me:

Subscribe to Eat Your Veg via Email: just complete the box on the right hand side of my home page and confirm the email in your inbox

Subscribe via Feedburner, using a Reader of your choice: http://feeds.feedburner.com/EatYourVeg

Follow blog via Bloglovin http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/10606177

You can obviously still follow Eat Your Veg on Facebook

Or Twitter @Eat_Your_Veg or Pinterest eatyourveg

And I’m now in Linked In and on Google+ too!

My apologies once more.  Looking forward to seeing you over at Eat Your Veg!

Louisa xxx



Eat Your Veg!


Just a gentle nudging reminder that I’m now blogging over at my new Eat Your Veg site,  and I’d be more than delighted if you’d continue to follow my posts and recipes over there.  Same hearty wholesome family fodder, just given a fresh new look!

If you read me on a reader then here’s my RSS Feed or sign up to my new Weekly newsletters at http://www.eatyourveg.co.uk/ (top right corner) or even give me a ‘like’ on my new Facebook page.

AND I’ve just launched a brand new Family Foodies blogging challenge that I’m co-hosting with the lovely Vanesher of Bangers & Mash. There’s even PRIZES!. Plus there’s October’s Four Seasons Food challenge opened today.

So without further ado, please do bob over to Eat Your Veg and say hi!

Louisa xx



A Fond Farewell to Chez Foti and a Big Hello to Eat Your Veg!


Hi folks,

As most of you well know I’ve been on the move back to the UK these last few weeks and as hectic as a hectic thing getting unpacked, organised and settled into our new lives and surroundings in Herefordshire. But we made it and we’re here!. And so incredibly excited to be back on the blog so to speak….

AND I have a brand spanking new site to tell you all about. Sadly Chez Foti will be no more, actually it’ll stay but I doubt I’ll be adding to it much. In it’s replacement (as if I could ever give up blogging!) I’ve been a bit of a busy bee working on a whole new venture called Eat Your Veg. So without further ado please do bob over and check it out at:


And here’s the link to my first Eat Your Veg post: http://www.eatyourveg.co.uk/im-back-and-welcome-to-my-new-site/

I’d be more than delighted if you’d spread the word and follow me in my new project! Please do sign up for my weekly email newsletters (top right corner of the site), follow me on Twitter @Eat_Your_Veg , Instagram or Pinterest, give me a like over on my new Eat Your Veg Facebook page or get in my circles on Google Plus  (something I’m finally getting to grips with!). Phew that’s about all the lovin’ I can handle for now!

Thanks so much lovely peeps, it’s great to be back!

Louisa xxxx


A Wee Bloggie Joliday!

Hi folks! I’m taking a wee bloggie break. It’s not so much a holiday in truth, but a little time out to get myself and the littlies moved, organised and adjusted to our new rural Herefordshire surroundings. And actually I’ll still be busy with blog stuff when I get the chance, but behind the scenes so to speak, making the finishing touches to my new and very exciting site and project called Eat Your Veg! A family-friendly healthy recipe site and shop for babies, toddlers, big kids and families.

I’m hoping not to be gone for too long and back on the bloggie block by the end of August, fingers crossed with the launch of Eat Your Veg. So please do watch this space!  And I’ll still be tweeting and FBing so not totally out of cyber touch. My apologies also for my chronic lack of time to browse and comment on all my usual favourite blogs, you know who you are and I promise I’ll be back in action shortly!

Wishing you all a wonderful August with lots of sun, good food and happiness! Here’s a selection of my most popular summer posts from last year to be going on with for now…..

Fig Tart Recipe

Fig, Goats Cheese & Red Onion Tarts

Louisa x

Garden Pasta with griddled courgettes, cherry tomatoes & feta

Garden Pasta with griddled courgettes, cherry tomatoes & feta

A Glut of Tomatoes Pasta Sauces

A Glut of Tomatoes Pasta Sauces

Homemade Sun (aka Oven) Dried Tomatoes!

Homemade Sun (aka Oven) Dried Tomatoes!

Courgette, Feta & Basil Bruschetta

Courgette, Feta & Basil Bruschetta

70s Throwback Stuffed Marrow

70s Throwback Stuffed Marrow

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