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My First Feature!

My first ever professional mention comes from the wonderful US parenting site Modern Day Moms who featured my Kids Bolognese recipe I blogged a few weeks ago. Thanks so much!

And thanks too to Sam @ Oogaa for her gorgeous Oogaa bowls and spoons. Oogaa design and sell fabulously fun, safe and colourful silicone baby and young children feeding products. They’re currently on sale in the US and should be hitting UK stores soon too.

Click here to read the Modern Day Mom’s article

Here come the Chickens!

Since the first day we arrived at Chez Foti back in November 2010 we’ve wanted chickens, and it seemed we were the only ones living here without them! A while back some of our neighbours asked if we’d like theirs when they went off travelling for 5 months, so we’ve kind of been waiting until now to have their brood. And what a lovely gang they are too. Seven hens and a mighty fine and very gentle cock, named Rocky the Rooster. We’re so loving having them and I’m certain this is the just the start of our chicken owning lives.

Over the last few months Phil’s been gradually preparing their new home, converting a section of the original pig sty into a chicken shed. They now have a new roof, strengthened structure, new mud brick walls (which I hasten to add I also got my hands mucky in helping construct!), and a window and shutter.

After a couple of days in their new chickenopolis they were set free to roam around as free range as free range can be. And I think we have some very happy hens as they’ve not stopped laying ever since.

As for the kids, they’re more excited about the chickens than christmas! Every day Francesca wakes up and begs us to let her go and let the chickens out and check for eggs. And on her way home from school, she’s literally exploding with excitement to check the chicken house again!  Little Jacques spends hours studying them totally and utterly enchanted, and squeals with delight at their every move. When he’s in the house, he’s always pushing chairs up to the windows so he can be high enough to look out at them. It certainly beats tv. Even Freddy the dog seems to have taken to them, always eyeing them up with a good deal of curiosity….though luckily not in a lunch or dinner kind of way!

And as for the eggs, they’re obviously totally yummy. The kids are going crazy for dippy eggs and solders which they seem to be having rather too often lately!. As well as lots of poached and scrambled eggs, we’ve also been gorging on some fantastic omelettes and I even put them into some lovely homemade custard at the weekend. Watch this space for lots of eggy recipes!

Welcome to my new Blog!

Welcome to my new foodie blog!  Many of you may have been reading the Chez Foti blog ( for the last year all about my family’s new lives in South West France.  Quite a bit of this was about food, or at least the veggies I’ve been growing, and I now thought it was time to write a whole new blog focusing on just what we eat.  I’ll still be continuing with the original Chez Foti blog.

Few would deny that food is a big passion in my life, and I want to share with you my family recipes, inspirations and ideas.  In essence I want to blog about what we eat, be it a meal I’ve cooked just for the wee ones, a family dinner for us all or a quick evening supper I’ve made for my husband and I.  I want to blog my recipes as I cook them, both the ones I’ve made up myself over the years or those I’ve taken from books.  You won’t find too many fancy time consuming or intricate recipes here, just hearty, healthy and wholesome family grub that can be put together fairly quickly and simply.  Afterall I am myself a full time mum!

In case you don’t know I am writing from a little corner of South West France (in the department of Haute Pyrenees)  where I moved with my husband, Philipe, and two small children at the end of last year.  Our daughter, Francesca, is now three, and son Jacques a wee eighteen months (though with an appetite of an eighteen year old at times!); obviously these two are my biggest food critics.  Before our lives here we lived in London for a few years and in my previous unmarried life I lived primarily in Yorkshire though travelled extensively in Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Not a day has gone by without us rejoicing about our new lives in rural France, we love the space, the nature, the gentleness and the appreciation of a much simpler life.  My first project was to set up a veggie patch (or a ‘potager’ as they’re called in France) and grow all our own organic veggies….plus a little bit of fruit.  Philipe’s first was to get the house habitable for us all!  An ongoing matter that he still sees as more important than my wonderful veg.  At present we are still cooking and eating out of our ‘temporary’ basic, but fully functional kitchen.  One day next year, or the year after, we’re hoping to have a wonderful new kitchen in the barn at the back of our house.

The Patch

I really hope you enjoy my blog.  Please please give me feedback, comments or recipe ideas …… and pass on the blog details to your friends!

Louisa x

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