About Chez Foti

My name’s Louisa Foti and I write my blog from a quiet little corner of South West France (in the department of Haute Pyrenees) where I moved with my husband, Philipe, Freddy the dog, and two small children at the end of 2010.  Desperately wanted to leave London we’d bought a dilapidated old farmhouse set in six hectares of forest and land overlooking the Pyrenees with no neighbours and at the end of a no through road. About as rural as you can get!

Our daughter Francesca is now just over three and a half, and son Jacques just turned two.  They’re my two biggest food critics!. We now have seven chickens that keep us in supply of the best eggs you could have and a new little Collie puppy called Dotty (the Destroyer). We’re hoping to increase the Chez Foti clan with a few animals soon too.

Before our lives here we lived in London for a few years and in my previous unmarried life I lived primarily in Yorkshire and Newcastle though travelled extensively in Latin America, Asia and Australia.Few would deny that food is a big passion in my life, and I want to share with you my family recipes, inspirations and ideas.  I blog about what we eat, be it a meal I’ve cooked just for the wee ones, a family dinner for us all or an evening supper I’ve made for my husband and I. My food is always seasonal and most of the veggies are straight out of my garden. Usually it’s a recipe I’ve made up myself over the years, but sometimes it’s from one of my cook books. You won’t find too many fancy recipes or ingredients here, just plenty of  hearty, healthy and wholesome family meals that can be put together quickly and simply. Afterall I am myself a busy full time mum, and most of my meals are made during the few precious moments of a nap time or with terrorist toddlers running around loose around the kitchen.

My apologies if some of my photos aren’t too great as in reality I usually only have seconds to get a snap, before hungry tums and greedy fingers take over!. Although I’ve recently acquired a great SLR camera (a Canon EOS 30D) I’m just getting to grips with it and these tiny people just won’t wait for me to fiddle around and do it justice. One day I may just have the luxury of a little more time!

Not a day has gone by without us rejoicing about our new lives in rural France, we love the space, the nature, the gentleness and the appreciation of a much simpler life.  My first project here was to set up a veggie patch (or a ‘potager’ as they’re called in France) and grow all our own organic veggies….plus a little bit of fruit (please drop by my new Veg Patch page for more about my beloved potager). Philipe’s first was to get the house habitable for us all!  An ongoing matter that he still sees as more important than my wonderful veg.  At present we are still cooking and eating out of our ‘temporary’ and very basic, but fully functional kitchen.  One day next year, or the year after, we’re hoping to have a wonderful new kitchen in the barn at the back of our house.

I really hope you enjoy my blog,



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