A Fond Farewell to Chez Foti and a Big Hello to Eat Your Veg!


Hi folks,

As most of you well know I’ve been on the move back to the UK these last few weeks and as hectic as a hectic thing getting unpacked, organised and settled into our new lives and surroundings in Herefordshire. But we made it and we’re here!. And so incredibly excited to be back on the blog so to speak….

AND I have a brand spanking new site to tell you all about. Sadly Chez Foti will be no more, actually it’ll stay but I doubt I’ll be adding to it much. In it’s replacement (as if I could ever give up blogging!) I’ve been a bit of a busy bee working on a whole new venture called Eat Your Veg. So without further ado please do bob over and check it out at:


And here’s the link to my first Eat Your Veg post: http://www.eatyourveg.co.uk/im-back-and-welcome-to-my-new-site/

I’d be more than delighted if you’d spread the word and follow me in my new project! Please do sign up for my weekly email newsletters (top right corner of the site), follow me on Twitter @Eat_Your_Veg , Instagram or Pinterest, give me a like over on my new Eat Your Veg Facebook page or get in my circles on Google Plus  (something I’m finally getting to grips with!). Phew that’s about all the lovin’ I can handle for now!

Thanks so much lovely peeps, it’s great to be back!

Louisa xxxx



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