Halloumi and Roasted Veggie Kebabs

Halloumi Kebabs

We’re truly in the throws of one hot summer here. And for once the UK seems to be matching the glorious South of France climate too, hooray …. but please may it last through to August when I shall be descending on the homeland to, fingers crossed, bask in the delights of an English summer for the first time in many years!. Unlikely, but one can live in hope.

I’d like to say the fabulous weather has brought on a spate of barbecues at Chez Foti but to be honest there simply hasn’t been the time with everything else that’s going on. But we did manage a lovely one last Saturday with an assortment of Kebabs, Satay Sticks and Salads. Very much enjoyed by all and both kids happily munched away.

I LOVE Halloumi on a barbie and it makes for a fab veggie kebab. And as I recently discovered my kids like it too it’s sure to become a bit of a regular round here, though they’ll have a fight on their hands for it with me! Since Halloumi doesn’t take long to ‘cook’, more like brown, I suggest you either bbq it with quick-to-cook veggies like cherry tomatoes, finely sliced courgette ribbons and mushrooms OR like me with a pre-roasted selection of slightly longer-to-cook veggies, namely red peppers, aubergine and thickly cut courgette. Obviously the roasted veggies can be prepped in advance, so all you need to do pre-barbie is thread them with the Halloumi on to skewers.

fsf-summerCooking-with-HerbsSeeing as I’m hosting this month’s Four Seasons Food with a Barbecue and Barbecue Side theme I shall of course be entering this post! Also to Karen’s Cooking with Herbs Challenge.

Roasted Veggie & Halloumi Kebabs

Halloumi & Roasted Veggie Kebabs

Great for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers, Bigger Kids, Grown Ups, Family Dinners, Barbecues, Barbecues Sides, Outdoor Eating, Vegetarians

Notes: Feel free to vary your choice of veggies as to what you have in, or your kids will eat

Makes 6 – 8 Kebabs Sticks

1 small courgette

½ aubergine

1 red pepper

1 white or red onion, large

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt & pepper

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon oregano leaves, roughly chopped

1 pack Halloumi cheese, 225g or 250g

Pre-soaked bamboo kebab sticks or metal skewers

1. Pre-heat your oven to 200ºC.

2. Slice the courgette into 6/7mm slices and cut the pepper and aubergine into similar sized chunks. Cut the onion in half, then each half into quarters. Half each of the quarters and separate the layers to roughly match the thickness of the veggies.

3. Place all the veggies in a roasting tray. Stir in a tablespoon of the olive oil and a generous pinch of salt and black pepper (go easy on the salt for littlies). Bake in the hot oven for 20 minutes.

4. Mix the remaining tablespoon of olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon and oregano in a bowl big enough to easily house all the veggies.

5. After 20 minutes remove the veggies from the oven and place in the bowl with the marinade. Ensure they have an even coating and leave to marinate until you’re almost ready to barbecue.

6. Cut your Halloumi into similar sized chunks to the veggies.

7. When you’re ready to barbecue thread the veggies and Halloumi onto your pre-soaked bamboo sticks or metal skewers, alternating between each component.

8. Cook the kebabs on a hot barbecue (or under a hot grill) for 4 to 5 minutes turning frequently. The cheese should be golden.

One very excited wee boy about the prospect of a barbie!

Jacques for once without a silly face. But very excited about the prospect of his forthcoming barbie fodder!

Roasted Veggie & Halloumi Kebabs

Never much time to snap a photo before little hands start grabbing!

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14 responses to “Halloumi and Roasted Veggie Kebabs

  • annelifaiers

    How lovely! And the photo of grinning Jaques is just too cute! Life has been manic for you and I lately hasn’t it….we deserve a holiday!! Good luck with everything honey xx

  • kellie@foodtoglow

    I hope this comment gets through. I’ve been trying to comment but it keeps getting ‘swallowed’ ! I’ve changed devices now so I hope this does the trick. Anyhoo, I love halloumi and veggie anything and these look fabulous. Not quite as cute as Jacques though ;D Btw, I tend to steam my veg before marinating and bbqing. Perhaps you do as well?

    • Chez Foti

      Hi Kellie, your message did indeed get through! Though I’m extremely late in replying to it, sorry. I actually pre-roasted these veggies so they cook quickly on a barbie, but have steamed them before too. Otherwise they seem to burn before they’re cooked through. And Halloumi does indeed rock, though way too addictive for me!

  • Jacqueline @How to be a Gourmand

    I love halloumi on the griddle so I’m sure I’d love it’s texture on the BBQ and so good to see a veggie alternative. Good luck with all the packing. I’m sure you’ll miss the natural larder of France 🙂

    • Chez Foti

      Thanks Jacqueline. Barbie’s are so meat orientated aren’t they? I always try to balance things out with a veggie option or two. Packing has now turned to unpacking, yeah!

  • sarah

    Looks fabulous – it’s that ‘food on sticks’ effect again! We love halloumi, and with the right choice of vegetables I can use your kebab idea to make something for all the family… brilliant!

  • andreamynard

    These look so delicious. We’ve just returned from a fab seaside holiday in Wales and lots of toasting marshmallows over evening beach fires – like Sarah I’m hoping that my daughter’s love of food on sticks will extend to savoury (and healthier!) food like this.

    • Chez Foti

      Where did you go in Wales? (it’s probably on your blog, but chronic lack of time has sadly meant zero time to explore other’s adventures right now!). Can’t wait to explore Wales some more with the kids in holidays to come, will be living very close to the border in Herefordshire so no excuse not to!.

  • Sylvia

    Perfect summer BBQ dish 🙂 I have to convince my better half to eat more veggies so this can be a good option since he loves grilled halloumi 🙂

  • Tandy

    I shall have to give this a try when summer comes around here! I am popping in via Tinned Tomatoes to say hi 🙂

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