Roasted Roots and an Easy Roasted Roots Pizza

Roasted Roots Scone-based Pizza swallow-recipes-for-lifeWhat to do with Carrots, Beetroot and Cheese? These were the three ingredients chosen for March’s Recipes for Life challenge, a new monthly event held by Vanesther at Bangers & Mash. The challenge is run in partnership with the Somerset based charity Swallow who work with adults with learning difficulties. Every month they’ll be a new trio of ingredients and bloggers are challenged to come up with tasty, healthy and easy to prepare dishes that may even appear in Swallow’s new cookbook. What a lovely challenge I say!.

Admittedly not an obvious choice of ingredients at first but after a few brief moments of ponder I realised this remit would not only include one of our regular quickie dinners at Chez Foti, Roasted Veggies with Feta and Couscous but also my Roasted Veggie Lasagna too. My wholehearted apologies for the awful photos on both these blogs, but in my defense they were taken in my very early days of blogging!. I’m a bit of a regular veggie roaster and tend to make huge seasonal batches that get used over the course of a few days. Not only are they an interesting veggie side to a roast dinner or even bangers and mash but they’re perfect in a lasagna or thrown on a tart or pizza, wonderful in a sandwich (hot or cold, with cheese or hummus or just plain) or simply enjoyed in their own right with couscous, pasta or brown rice or as an antipasta.

Roasted Roots with Feta and Couscous

Roasted Roots with Feta and Couscous

For today’s recipe I have my seasonal Roasted Roots. I’m particularly partial to my Roasted Winter Roots as they bring such flavour and cheer to an otherwise verging-on-dull selection of veggies. Go for whatever you have to hand but beetroot, carrots, parsnips, celeriac, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and red onions all work marvellously together and tend to cook in the same amount of time. I like to boost flavours with plenty of fresh chopped Rosemary but you could happily substitute with fresh Thyme or dried herbs.

Winter Roots

My entry for  the challenge is an easy-peasy Scone-Based Wholemeal Pizza topped with plenty of Roasted Roots and a ball of Mozzarella (or Cheddar, Goats Cheese or Feta if you prefer). Funnily enough I haven’t eaten a scone based pizza since I was a child myself (they seemed to be all the rage in the 80s!) but have been eager to give one a whirl for ages now. Mainly as they’re so easy and quick to put together with no need for kneading or rising. Results were very good though admittedly incomparable to a thin crust homemade bread dough. But very tasty nevertheless, and my kids happily wolfed it down for their tea roasted roots and all!. The perfect instant and healthy pizza if you ask me, and one I shall definitely be baking again.

Roasted Roots

simple2012smallSince you can’t get much more Seasonal than my Roasted Roots I’m also entering my blog to Ren’s Simple and in Season challenge which so happens to be being hosted by myself this month!.

And as there’s fresh rosemary or thyme with the Roots I’m also entering it to Karen of Lavender and Lovage’s Herbs on Saturday event, this month hosted by London Busy Body.herbsonsaturday

Credit-Crunch-MunchAnd last but not least as this so happens to be a particularly frugal eat I’m entering it to Credit Crunch Munch, a joint event by Camila of Fab Food 4 All and this month by Helen of Fuss Free Flavours.

Roasted Roots

Roasted Roots

Great for Pizza (see below!) or Tart toppings, Lasagnas, Sandwiches, Antipasta, Veggie Sides or eaten with Couscous, Pasta or Brown rice. 

To make enough for at least two meals for a Family of Four (halve the quantity if you wish to make less)

2 Red Onions, very large dice

6 cloves of Garlic, left whole with skin on

3 Carrots*, peeled and sliced into 0.5 cm slices

2 – 3 Beetroot*, scrubbed (skin left on) and cubed to a 1.5 cm dice

1 – 2 Parsnips, peeled and cubed to a 1.5 cm dice

300g of Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash or Pumpkin* (or a mixture of any of these), peeled and cubed to a 1.5cm dice

300g of Celeriac*, peeled and cubed to a 1.5cm dice

a tablespoon of chopped fresh Rosemary OR 2 teaspoons of fresh Thyme or dried Oregano or Mixed Herbs

Salt and Pepper

4 tablespoons of Olive Oil

Special Equipment: 2 large oven baking trays

* Feel free to vary your veggies!

Pre-heat your oven to 200ºC.

Simply place all the peeled and cut veggies on two large baking trays. Sprinkle with the herbs, a large pinch of salt and pepper and the oil. Using your hands ensure all the veggies have an even coating.

Place in the oven and roast for 45 minutes. Turn twice during the cooking time. The veggies should all be very tender and a little golden.

Scone based  pizza recipe

Easy Scone-based Wholemeal Roasted Root Pizza

Great for Toddlers and Young Children, Bigger Kids, Family Dinners, Mid-Week Suppers, Vegetarians, Quick Homemade Pizza.

Serves a Family of 4:

125g Wholemeal Self-Raising Flour

100g of White Self-Raising Flour, plus a little extra for rolling

a teaspoon of Baking Powder

a pinch of Salt and Pepper

30g of Butter

1 Egg, lightly beaten

a little Milk

a heaped dessert spoon of Tomato puree, plus 2 dessert spoons of water

2 large handfuls (or more!) of Roasted Roots

100g of sliced Mozzarella OR 75g of cheddar/goats cheese/feta

Special Equipment: A baking tray, rolling-pin

Pre-heat your oven to 200ºC.

Place the flours, baking powder, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl and combine together. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Add the egg and using your hands try to get the mixture to come together. You may need to add a little milk, keep adding until the mixture comes together in one piece.

Turn out the dough onto a work top or large board, shape into a ball and carefully roll out with a rolling-pin until you have your desired pizza size and thickness (as thin as possible is best, but harder to do with scone dough!).

Combine the tomato puree with the water and spread over the pizza base. Scatter over as many Roasted Roots as you can fit and then finish with a layer of cheese.

Place in the oven for 20 minutes. The pizza’s ready when the cheese is golden and bubbling.

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16 responses to “Roasted Roots and an Easy Roasted Roots Pizza

  • andreamynard

    Funnily enough, as soon as I saw your pizza I was reminded of one with a scone base my Mum used to make for us when I was a child. Will have to give it a go. Your roasted roots look great.

    • Chez Foti

      It’s funny how popular they were when I was little, but have totally faded out of interest now that we have ‘proper’ pizzas so readily available to buy and a greater interest in baking our own. I wouldn’t say I’d prefer a scone base but they do provide a quickie and more wholesome substitute!

  • apuginthekitchen

    Roasted roots are the best, I love it when they get soft and caramelize and using as a topping on that simple whole grain crust is wonderful. I would never have thought to use a scone recipe for a crust, but it’s quick and simple. Love it!

  • Chez Foti

    Ah thank you, I’m a huge fan of roasted veggies in every shape and form!. For a quick and easy crust you can’t beat a scone base, but with a little more time I do love my roast veggies on an ‘ordinary’ yeasted homemade dough 🙂

  • Camilla

    Yummy I love roasted vegetable but have never roasted a beetroot and have never bought a celeriac so these are 2 things I have to put right! Your pizza sounds and looks wonderful and as OH wants to eat less meat I’ll have to give this a go:-)

  • Vanesther

    Absolutely adore roasted veggies, so this gets a massive thumbs up from me. I’ve never tried a scone-based pizza before but it sounds lovely – a cross between a pizza and a pie perhaps? And an absolutely brilliant entry for the March Recipes for Life challenge. It hasn’t been a particularly easy one, but this trio of ingredients was made for this pizza! Thanks for entering!

    • Chez Foti

      Scone bases are wonderfully quick, but slightly heavier and thicker than ordinary yeast dough. Perfect for a quickie yet wholesome meal. So looking forward to what ingredients April will bring….but go easy on us!

  • annelifaiers

    I had thought it was a tough set of ingredients for this challenge but you have got plenty of great ideas 🙂 As always love the look of your pizza and again am feeling the envy of your pizza oven. x

  • thegardendeli

    I used to make pizzas with a scone base when I was student (long time ago!), but never with toppings as adventurous and imaginative as yours. This will be on the menu for a family tea next week – thanks!

    • Chez Foti

      Scone based pizzas were definitely a quirk of the 80s and I really haven’t heard of them since! Admittedly not as tasty or light as a bread dough base, but they have a place for a wholesome quickie supper.

  • The Healthy Epicurean

    This sounds gorgeous! I’ve got some roasting roots in the oven right now – you’ve made me wish they were on a pizza base 🙂

  • Chez Foti

    Roasted Roots rock! Just roasted another couple of tray fulls, so will be all vegged out by Tuesday 🙂

  • Franglais kitchen, Nazima

    Lovely idea Louisa. I often do mixed roasted roots in winter in a simlar mix to those you have used here but I do like the idea of adding to a pizza!

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