November and December in the Garden

The Patch looking more than a tad sorry for itself!

The Patch looking more than a tad sorry for itself!

With all the frivolities of Christmas I somehow forgot my garden update postings, so here’s the last couple of months in a nutshell. No action to speak off other than a bit of harvesting here and there and watching the winter veg slowly come into fruition.

The parsnips have nearly all gone after too many sunday roastings and christmas dinners.  I was planning on a Parsnip Veg of the Month round-up around now but to be honest I’ve had very little time to get busy experimenting with the Snips other than a lovely soup I concocted for our Christmas Day lunch, Pear & Parsnip Soup. So maybe I’ll save my parsnip showcase for another time when I’ve a few more to experiment with. My second sowings, fingers crossed, may come good in a few weeks.

We finally have a few Savoys ready for the eating and looking delicious, and the Romanesco Caulies are gloriously growing up and almost big enough for the pot:

A Glorious Savoy

A Glorious Savoy

A baby Romanesco

A baby Romanesco

A nearly fully grown up Romanesco Cauliflower

A nearly fully grown up Romanesco Cauliflower

The second sowing of my Calabrese broccoli is now in full force, which the kids are very happy about, broccoli being my far their favourite veggie. And the Purple Sprouting is probably only a few weeks off too, yay!.

Calabrese Broccoli

Also looking pretty healthy is the celery, which I’m using as a cut and come again crop. I’ve absolutely no idea whether this is the done thing, but I’ve been harvesting it like this for months now and it keeps growing back stronger and healthier. A right royal result!.

My bumper crop of 'cut and come again' Celery

My bumper crop of ‘cut and come again’ Celery

And last but not least I should mention the Brussel Sprouts, we finally have a few teeny-weeny ones but pretty much all of my fifteen or so plants have either come to nothing or are diseased. A huge disappointment. I even had to buy some in for our christmas dinner!.

The healthiest of my Brussels plants

The healthiest of my Brussels plants

What We’re Eating from the Patch:
Brussel Sprouts
Herbs: Parsley, Coriander, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, Oregano
Swiss Chard
And What’s Stored:
Butternut Squash
Green Beans (freezer)
Red Onions
Tomatoes (freezer)

Some earlier updates: 

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4 responses to “November and December in the Garden

  • andreamynard

    Blimey your garden is still so productive Louisa. Me too re the parsnips, used last few in a Trine Hahnemann roast veg dish yesterday. Very envious of your Romanesco, I always love the look of them but the one time I attempted them, they weren’t too successful. Your pics have inspired me to have another go this year.

    • Chez Foti

      Thanks Andrea, fairly productive but finally I’m having to buy a few supplementary veggies here and there which I haven’t had to do since last June!. Romanesco’s are stunning aren’t they. Actually I bought them as seedlings as I had no end of trouble trying to germinate my cauli seeds last year, and I thought they were just the normal caulies, so have been pleasantly surprised!

  • Dominique

    Beautiful veggies, great photos. I cut the celery like you do and my parents used to harvest them the same way.

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