A blog (and tomato) holiday!

We’re off on our jolidays tomorrow to not-so-sunny England and Scotland to go to my big bro’s wedding and visit lots of family and friends. It’s going to be a hectic eleven days away so I’ve decided, after nearly a year of blogging, to take a bit of a break. It’s unfortunately come at a rather hectic time in the garden especially with the tomato harvesting, though I have to admit I’m quite looking forward to getting away from them all. Chez Foti’s felt like a tomato processing plant these last few weeks. It really has been a huge basket of pickings every day, with each and every night spent peeling, chopping, cooking, reducing, souping, saucing, drying, roasting, chutneying…..I could go on!

I’ve decided to continue my tomato ‘Veg of the Month’ on into September as I’ve already got a huge backlog of tomatoey blogs to write and no doubt I’ll be even more inundated with them when we return. I dread to think.

Anyway, here’s hoping I don’t see a tomato for eleven days!  Happy rest of the holidays everyone, here’s a couple of tomatoey photies to be going on with,

Louisa  x

My homemade sun aka ‘oven’ dried tommies. Sublime beyond sublime.

Master Jacques helping me pick the cherry tomatoes


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