December & January in the Garden…..

To be truthful there’s been very little garden action to report of late, which is why I’ve put a couple of months together and even then it’s pushing it with much to say! It’s a very sorry state of affairs, as you can see it’s pretty baron out there, apart from a whole lot of weeds:

This is mainly due to the fact I failed in my task as newbie gardener to sow and plant much winter fair, a combination of lack of time and organisation!. And the veggies that I did manage to get out there have been largely destroyed by our new feathery friends who love nothing more than to scrat around in my beloved patch!:

They’ve successfully managed to make dinner out of all the broccoli heads and leaves (or Calabrese to be a little more precise), destroyed the baby Savoy cabbage, uprooted most of the beetroot and nibbled away all the tasty tops and somehow made magically disappear the baby carrots, swiss chard and last few remaining lettuces. Hmmmm, things have got to change.

They obviously don’t have much of a taste for herbs though, as my perennial thyme, rosemary and sage are left unscathed. As are fortunately all my baby broad bean plants and garlic which seem to be growing pretty well:

On another positive note I recently found much to my surprise some baby onions growing where I’d grown them last summer….they must have self seeded, clever mother nature!:

Other than a little garden clearing earlier in the month I’ve not been out there apart from to do plenty of head scratching trying to plan the plot for this year. I’ve decided to increase the size fairly considerably, adding about an extra 20 to 30 sq meters. Needless to say I’m going to fence it off from the chickens, once it’s been rotavated by our trusty tractor owning farmer/mayor friend and neighbour. As for exactly what I’m going to grow and the layout I’ve not got around to that yet!

I’m really hoping I’ll have more to report next month, although with a two week trip planned to the UK for the second half of February I’m not too sure I’ll have much time to get out on the patch again, though I’ll hopefully have sowed a few seeds in pots indoors.

Until then….



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